NPCT1 joined the “IAPH 30th World Port Conference 2017 (hosted by Pelindo 1-4)” held in Bali on 9-12 May as a Bronze Sponsor of the event.


President IAPH & Presdir NPCT1

Mr. Santiago Garcia Milà, President of IAPH, & Mr. Makoto Saito, President Director of NPCT1

NPCT1 IAPH booth

NPCT1 Booth at IAPH 30th World Port Conference, Bali


NPCT1 with IPC Board of Directors

NPCT1, represented by Head of Commercial, Mr. Bambang Sabekti, received Placard from IPC Commissioner, Mr. Suaidi Marasabessy for its Bronze Sponsorship Participation

NPCT1 Port Tour

NPCT1 welcomed 23 Early Bird Program Participants on 7 May 2017, of 30th IAPH World Ports Conference, Bali