Dear Our Valued Customers,

We are pleased to update you on some of our improvement efforts made so far.

Terminal Gate:
We have been, and will continue to, enhance smoother traffic in/out the terminal gates. The actual operation data is showing substantial improvement in traffic flow and truck turnaround time.

Access Road:
Countermeasures were taken to eliminate congestion on Access Road. See photos below.

Congestion on Access Road (29 Aug 2017)

After countermeasures taken (16 Oct 2017)
*In front of Terminal Gate

New Priok Common Gate:
We continue with our efforts together with Common Gate Operator to secure improved traffic in this area. Some constructions (remedial works + expansion works) are being carried out to materialize better infrastructure which will surely enhance overall service levels at the Common Gate Area.

We appreciate your understanding on inconvenience due to on-going construction works in this area.

NPCT1 Billing Office:
We are already operating at new larger Billing Office with self-service kiosk to process invoice/payment/gate pass issuance for both export and import transactions. At the same time, we have more people working at the service counter to assist you.

We are confident that gate pass processing time have been shortened dramatically. Operating data shows that Billing Office is less crowded between 7:00-10:00 am and we encourage you to come during these hours, if possible.

NPCT1 Billing Office
NPCT1 Billing Counters

Lastly, your opinion is always very important to us. Let us hear from you through:

President Director

Makoto Saito