Circular Letter Notification Letter of the Restitution Procedures

February, 21st 2020


FI/10082017/02 date 10 August 2017




PT New Priok Container Terminal One Customers

Herewith, we would like to inform you the Restitution Procedure on Port Services, which will be effective on the date of this Circular Letter is signed.

For the customer who will submit a refund of the Invoice ("NPPJ") which has been paid, PT New Priok Container Terminal One ("NPCT1") shall pay the refund under the following mechanism:

  1. The validity period for the restitution application shall be 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of NPPJ.
  2. The Customer shall apply for Restitution Request (letter format as attached) and addressed to NPCT1. A formal letter is made by the company whose name is written on the NPPJ with the company's official letterhead and shall attach the following documents
    1. Copy Taxable Confirmation Letter ("SPPKP") and Tax ID ("NPWP");
    2. Copy of Taxpayer Signatory Specimen that has been reported to the Tax Office ("KPP") along with the Letter Receipt ("BPJS");
    3. Copy of Invoice to be refunded;
    4. Copy of Gate Pass;
    5. Copy of Other Supporting Documents related to the chronology of the restitution;
    6. The original refund request letter affixed by a stamp duty of Rp 6.000,-.
  3. The completeness of refund request letter and its supporting documents will be verified within 5 (five) working days from the receipt date, the documents' correctness will be verified internally based on the restitution and chronology presented. During the verification process, further communication and additional supporting documents may be requested.
  4. NPCT1 will provide the confirmation (email) on the verification result. If the restitution request is approved, NPCT1 will provide a draft Cancellation Note (format as attached) to be signed by the company's authorized signing of tax invoice whose name is written on the NPPJ. This is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Finance No. RI. 65 / PMK.03 / 2010 ("PMK 65") on the Procedures for Reduction of Value Added Tax or Value Added Tax and Sales Tax on Luxury Goods on the Returned Taxable Goods and Value Added Tax on the Taxable Services Which is Canceled.
  5. NPCT1 will process the refund payment every 25th of the Cancellation Note period, if we received the correct and accurate original Cancellation Note before 20th of the requested month. If the customer is unable to deliver within the given period, the date of Cancellation Note must be revised to next month and refund will be payable in the following month. (For example, if the date in the Cancellation Note is August 2017, then the original Cancellation Note must be submitted to NPCT1 before 20 August 2017, if it exceeds the specified period, the date on the Cancellation Note must be changed to September 2017 and must resubmit the original Cancellation Note before 20 September 2017, and so on).

Thus we convey this Circular Letter, thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Hardy Santoso

Head of Finance

Attachments :

  1. A Format of Restitution Request Letter;
  2. Draft of Cancellation Note;

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