CSR Activity - Independence Day 2023 with Kalibaru Community

August, 25th 2023

Jakarta, 16 August 2023

Since 2017, NPCT1 continuously participated in the commemoration of Indonesia's Independence Day - an annual event with the local community in the form of donating goods of prizes for Kalibaru communities event.

On August 16th, 2023, NPCT1 handed over the prize to 3 (three) representatives of Kalibaru communities, namely RW 008, RW009 and RW010 to express the Company's appreciation towards the local culture. NPCT1 is willing to continuously work together for mutual benefit with Kalibaru communities.

Handover prize to Ibu Yuyun, the head of RW 008 Kalibaru (at right), accompanied with Bapak Adam, the secretary of RW 008 (2nd from the right).

Handover prize to Bapak Daroni, the head of RW 009 Kalibaru (at right).

Handover prize to Ibu Dian, the head of RW 010 Kalibaru (at right).