CSR Activity – “Package B – Junior High School Equivalency Education Program and Soft Skills Training with Certification with Kalibaru Community

September, 25th 2023

CSR Activity - "Package B - Junior High School Equivalency Education Program and Soft Skills Training with Certification" with Kalibaru Community

On Monday, September 18th, 2023 at NPCT1 Terminal Building, NPCT1 together with Kalibaru community members celebrated the graduation of "Package B - Junior High School Equivalency Education Program and Soft Skills Training with Certification", a Joint CSR program between NPCT1 and 7 (seven) other Pelindo subsidiaries, namely PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal ("IKT"), PT Pelindo Solusi Logistik ("PSL"), PT Multi Terminal Indonesia ("MTI"), PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia ("EPI"), PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok ("PTP"), PT IPC Terminal Petikemas ("IPC TPK") and PT Akses Pelabuhan Indonesia ("API") through Aisyah Learning Centre Foundation ("Yayasan PKBM Aisyah") in Kalibaru. This program provided the scholarship for the youth living in Kalibaru who did not have the opportunity to earn their Junior High School education and for the youngsters who were willing to obtain skills required in the professional world.

The Joint CSR program which firstly took place in 2019 had provided soft skills training namely in motorcycle mechanical, vocational as well as "Kejar Paket C" program for children in Kalibaru to obtain High School equivalent diploma. This year, in conjunction with Muhammadiah Youth Branch Leader ("PCPM Muhammadiah") the Joint CSR Program also provided certified training in design graphic, digital advertising and Microsoft 365. There are 30 (thirty) children who completed the "Kejar Paket B" program and obtained Junior High School equivalent diploma and 50 (fifty) youth in Kalibaru completed the Soft Skills Training and earned certification from the National Professional Certification ("BNSP"). Through this collaborated initiative, these young men and women in Kalibaru were given the opportunity to pursue further to a higher education, i.e. High School and equivalent as well as valuable skills for their future career.

Mr. Takayuki Hori, President Director of NPCT1 opened the speech by congratulating the graduates and wished them brilliant future and great success in life. He also shared a quote for the children to "Be Ambitious, Challenge New". Ibu Hadijah, a leader of Yayasan PKBM Aisyah, praised the existence of the program as it has potentially improved the livelihoods of younger generation in Kalibaru through better education. She recalled these children used to sit in small huts along Kalibaru wondering about how their life would be as they dropped out of school. Now completing the education program, some of them have already been accepted to local public schools, which may bring more chance for a brighter future for themselves and for their families. Mr. Muhammad Rizki from Muhammadiah Youth PCPM thanked NPCT1 and members of the Joint CSR Program for for providing the Soft Skill Training for the youth in Kalibaru. Through this legitimate certification, it is reported that participants of this program obtained jobs in e-commerce, warehousing and as freelancers. 

It is hoped that the Joint CSR Program will be continuously held to provide support and education for the betterment of life of the youth in Kalibaru. NPCT1 is committed to growing together with the community.