NPCT1 and Envilog Launch Green Logistics Initiative

January, 29th 2024

NPCT1 and Envilog Launch Green Logistics Initiative

Jakarta, January 29th, 2024 - Today, PT New Priok Container Terminal One (NPCT1) proudly announces the launch of its Green Logistics Initiative jointly with Envilog, an Indonesia's green logistics platform. This starts with the Digital Gate Pass Collaboration, followed by further collaboration to provide a greater variety of green logistic solutions. 


The global logistics industry faces mounting pressure to reduce its carbon footprint and resource consumption. For these challenges, NPCT1 is well known and committed to providing best-in-class operations with resilient digital solution as well as go-green initiatives. NPCT1 recently received Green & Smart Port Award 2023 for Port Management, Technical & Digitalization Aspects from Coordinating Ministry for Investment and Maritime Affaires (Menko Marvest) with the highest score among the container terminals in Tg. Priok.

Furthermore, NPCT1's digital platform, ECON, which digitalizes gate pass issuance process and its Dual Cycle feature enabling its customers to pair trucks for the import and export cargoes and to optimize truck fleet resources, will be enhanced through this joint initiative with Envilog. 

While Envilog addresses this challenge head-on, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that features five digital solutions covering Envi-Truck, Envi-Port, Envi-Customs, Envi-Depot and Envi-Pay. These features provide the benefits of optimizing route planning, digitalizing work process, and visualizing supply chain, resulting in fuel, paper waste and man-power consumption reduction.

Mr. Takayuki Hori, NPCT1 President Director, stated, "As NPCT1 sets digitalization and sustainability as its main thrusts to energize Indonesia's international trade, we believe that this strategic initiative with Envilog will lead us to enhance customer value creation in Indonesia.".

CEO of Envilog, Yanti Agustinova, stated, "Today's launch marks a landmark collaboration between Envilog and NPCT1. Together, we're not just unveiling innovative digital solutions, but forging a new path for the future of logistics. This cooperation leverages NPCT1's unparalleled terminal operating service and our cutting-edge technology to create a seamless, efficient, and sustainable supply chain ecosystem."