NPCT1 Celebrates Director Ardhyan Firdausi Mustafa Welcoming on Board Local Community Member, Doddy Lukman Afandi, as a Permanent Employee.

September, 13th 2022

NPCT1 is immensely committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and proud of our relationships with the local community. One excellent example of this is how we are celebrating in welcoming Doddy as a permanent employee at NPCT1 by having successfully graduated through the Company's CSR program.

Doddy was initially introduced to NPCT1 through the CSR program in 2019. This was a collaborative program between NPCT1 and Astra Honda Motor which provides basic motorcycle mechanic training for numerous young people residing in Kalibaru area. After completing this training, Doddy decided to join NPCT1 and applied to NPCT1 for a position as an RTG operator. 

Following a successful selection process, Doddy finally joined the company on contract in 2019. Doddy successfully performed his work and was recently nominated as the company's permanent employee in July this year. 

We are delighted to confirm he is the first CSR program participant to secure permanent employment with the Company. Doddy's initiative and versatility does not end there. He also managed to start an Ayam Geprek business by employing his peer in Kalibaru. Well done, Doddy!