March, 8th 2024


Jakarta, March 7th, 2024 - As a part of Green Port Initiatives, PT New Priok Container Terminal One ("NPCT1") embarks on using solar energy as energy source by building a 610.16-kilowatt peak (kWp) Rooftop Solar Power System using Photovoltaic Panels. The construction of this solar power system was undertaken by PT Solarion Energi Alam ("Solarion"). The Solar Power System installed by NPCT1 consists of 1,052 solar panels with state-of-the art technology and four 125 kVa inverters can cover around 50% of the office building power consumption. 

The Solar Power System is installed on 5 (five) areas: NPCT1 Gate, Fire Station, Office Building, Workshop and Car Parking area. With annual production reaching 780-megawatt hours, NPCT1 can reduce carbon emissions by up to 584 tons annually. This reduction in carbon emissions in equivalent to 143,528 litres of fuel and equal to contributing to planting 5,572 trees for ten years. Mr. Takayuki Hori, NPCT1 President Director, stated "The Installation of NPCT1's Rooftop Solar Power System is a showcase project in Indonesia's port industry since this is the first major Rooftop Solar Power Project at container terminals in Indonesia. It is strategically important for NPCT1 in terms of Greenhouse Gases ("GHGs") reduction as our sustainability initiatives towards a Greener Port. We hope that renewable energy will be further utilized in Indonesia's port industry".

Drs. Ec. Putut Sri Muljanto, MM., CMA, Managing Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) ("Pelindo") thanked NPCT1 for initiating the installation of solar panels at the port for the first time and for being a role model for solar panel, not only as the largest among Jakarta Ports but the largest in Indonesia. 

While Mr. M. Takwim Masuku, S.T., MMT., Head of Harbour Master and Port Authority Tanjung Priok ("KSOP") stated "I am very grateful to NPCT1 as this is an extraordinary breakthrough in order to support Ecoport. Whereas the Government had launched Greenport Program, one of which is on how to utilize the existing potential to reduce emissions. For this reason, NPCT1 truly serves as an example, a model for other ports as an environmentally friendly port".

NPCT1 remains committed to continuously improving to conduct environmentally friendly business which is sustainable and to be the best-in-class container terminal in Indonesia.